Australian Embassy

Application Forms and Booklets

Application forms

You must use the correct and updated form to apply for your visa. If the wrong and out of date form was used, the application will be returned and you will need to lodge a new application.

All forms can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Forms  section . You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print the forms and booklets.

Incomplete applications

Under the Migration Act 1958 applications may be decided on the basis of available information. Therefore, it is important that applications are as complete as possible and all supporting documentation is provided at the time of lodgement. Incomplete or poorly documented applications may be delayed or possibly refused.

You may be asked to provide further documents or information relating to your particular circumstances after your application has been lodged.

You should support your application with as much information as possible at the time of lodgement as a decision may be made solely on the information that you have provided with your application.

Fraud or misrepresentation

Any degree of fraud or misrepresentation is likely to result in your application being refused. Applicants should answer all questions fully and truthfully and disclose any information relevant to the question. All signatures on forms and in the applicant’s passport must be the applicants.

Document checklists

To support your visa application, there are some documents that need to be submitted together with your visa application. Different types of visas will need different documents.

Documents that are not in English will need to be translated. If not, you will be requested to arrange a translation and your application may be delayed.

To help you with your application, the links below are provided to assist you with the lodgement of a complete application. The list is limited to those visas processed by the Australian Embassy in Myanmar. Please visit the Department of Home Affairs website for the document requirements for other visa subclasses.